Choosing A Reliable Insurance Broker For Wholesale Insurance Brokerage


Today’s world of insurance allows you to buy premiums via their agents, also known as brokers. Alternatively, you can go online or call their toll-free lines. Talking of brokers, there are those who provide insurance products for only one company. These ones are called captive agents. When selecting a dependable broker, you should go by these tips.

Seek personal reviews

You can get such details from family and friends. In fact, someone who relates to one on one could perform better than a strange online forum. When you ask someone, most likely they will give you genuine reviews gauging how they were served. Call it the power of crowdsourcing. If they encountered helpful agents in their search for service, then it will be easy for you to know how to go about the same.

Evaluate testimonials

There are so many social media tools that you can exploit when looking for such information. Although a face to face experience is the best, sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp will make your work much easier.

Consult an e&s insurance website in your state. Normally, every state has dockets that track insurance firms and agents venturing in this business.  All these details are readily available on The site helps you to check on a broker’s licensing and discipline.  On the same section, you will also find information regarding their business profile and whether it is worth hiring their service.

Commercial versus Personal

As common knowledge would have it, agents and also brokers are generally specialized in either personal insurance or commercial insurance. They can never specialize in both. Establish by way of questioning if they have the required knowledge in the type of insurance that you are in need of.

Specialized Needs

Peradventure your business is a high-risk business or your situation or your property is unique in any aspect, you will definitely need to identify a wholesale broker or an agent who has the expertise you need. Again, they will need to have the connections that are necessary to help you.

Personalized Advice

A good broker or agent will no doubt be familiar with all products that they sell. They will also go to great extends to explain ways that are available for customizing the policy to suit your specific needs. They can be able to suggest available options that you can adjust the coverage to enjoy discounts for packaged policies.

Instinct and Caution

Many times consumers are scammed. The perpetrators happen to potent to be agents who advertise and even offer policies. You will need to ask good questions, and also following your instincts comes in handy.


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